Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We've Changed Our URL!

So on Saturday I thought it'd be a great idea to change the URL of my blog.  I'd originally started The Thrifty Gypsy's Travels under a "justathriftygypsy" URL, but after seven months I found that it just didn't fit.  It was too much of a mouthful, and it didn't match the name of the blog.  Why hadn't I put it under "ThriftyGypsyTravels" in the first place?!

Well, rather impulsively, I decided to synchronize everything with a URL change.  And then over the next three days, I saw my web traffic plummet.


I never claimed to be a genius!  Even though my social media accounts are all the same (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), I think I underestimated the followers I'd gained through Blogger, Disqus, Wordpress, and Bloglovin'.  So I reactivated this particular (old) url to let you guys know...

Please Follow Us at!!!

All my posts (past, present, and future) are there.  And I promise that I will not be making URL changes again in the future -- unless it's to claim my own independent URL, in which case I'll be famous and rich enough by then to hire a professional to set up an automatic redirecting.  ;)

Thanks for your understanding!

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